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Does your company have a formulated supplier strategy? – and do you treat all your suppliers in the same way, or have you mapped their individual strengths and weaknesses, and calculated the costs of doing business with your current supplier base.

There are many opportunities in the aerospace industry to develop your supply-setup and the strategic relationship with specific suppliers, however, there are also many industry specific constraints – which require a deep market understanding to tackle. In many cases the traditional tools to analyze the supplier base and determine the appropriate strategy, like the Kraljic portfolio model, are not alone sufficient.

No two companies have the same supplier base, and therefore the right approach is always to understand the specific scenario in each individual case. If you are a small airline, setting up a strategic partnership with a single supplier/partner may be the most effective choice, but if your are an equipment manufacturer, looking at in- or outsourcing and c-class product management, may be the right way forward.

With more than 20 years experience from direct involvement in the aerospace supply chain, both on the manufacturing side and on the aftermarket services side, we are well positioned to advise you on the appropriate strategy for your company.


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