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Service level planning involves many different strategic decisions, but at the heart of the issue is the question of how you get your products effectively from your manufacturing plant to your customers, on time and at the right cost.

It is not just a question of calculating MTBF and deciding how many finished products you put in stock (even though we can also help you with this), but how you design the extended customer-facing supply chain, and how you combine physical products and services.

The end game needs to be focused on giving the customer a truly exceptional and positive experience each and every time, your organisation ”touch” the customer. Positive customer experiences lead to better relationships which lead to more business, it’s a fact !

We encourage that you think ”outside the box” and plan your customers’ service level ”experiences” carefully. It is actually possible to design profit-positive experiences for your customers by thinking in unconventional directions. What we mean is for instance to combine several products from different suppliers into a single ”kit” which is easier for the customer to manage, or by reducing repair lead times and complexity by offering forward exchange of components – there are many possibilities.

Reducing complexity is a key concept to consider, if you can design simple processes which are attractive to the customer, chances are significant that both sides will benefit in the long run.

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