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We were approached by a company which is a relative newcomer to the commercial aviation industry, who asked us to advise them on their go-to-market strategy and aftermarket product support.

The company is expecting to see very significant growth the next 3-5 years, and needed to develop a new strategy to ensure that the product/services offered to the customers were attractive, while maintaining profitability of their aftermarket product support activities.

This was an exciting project, because on the one hand the company had already brought products to market in cooperation with several legacy industry suppliers – while on the other hand, the existing product support structure and business model were clearly not sustainable in the longer run.

In close cooperation with the client’s senior management team, we developed a radically different product support strategy –including a new collaborative business model which results in a win-win scenario for the client, and for their equipment supplier partners.

Implementation is currently underway.

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